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World Energy Day was first proposed by Prof. Harold Oh, President and Chairman of World Energy Forum, and was proclaimed by World Energy Forum on July 22, 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first celebration of World Energy Day was on October 22, 2012 on the Opening Day of World Energy Forum 2012 (October 22-24) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when a large number of Heads of States and Ministers and Country Delegations from 85 United Nations Member States gathered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The delegations adopted The Dubai Declaration of Energy for All, which included the unanimous support of the World Energy Day Proclamation.

The World Energy Day Proclamation

July 22, 2012
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Energy is essential to all life; without energy, there would be no life, and energy means life of all human societies. Like air and water, every human and every human society on this planet earth must have sufficient energy to live and flourish. In addition, the ways in which we generate and use energy are fundamental factors affecting the health of the earth’s natural environment upon which the destiny of human race depends.

Therefore, we are called upon to create a world where every human comes to this planet earth will have a plentiful of energy that is harmonious with nature. Working towards this end, World Energy Forum hereby proclaims October 22 of every year to be commemorated annually as the World Energy Day. The World Energy Day shall serve to stimulate worldwide awareness of energy issues and the political will and passion to support universal energy access that can benefit all nations and peoples.

The first historic World Energy Day will be celebrated on October 22, 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when the Heads of States of the United Nations Member States will come together at the Opening Day of World Energy Forum 2012, to be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai and hosted by the Supreme Council of Energy of the Government of Dubai, in order to discuss humanity’s sustainable future, with a message, “safe, accessible, and sustainable energy for all,” and that message shall truly be embodied in the marking of the first World Energy Day in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

On October 22, 2012, the Heads of States gathered at World Energy Forum 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates will ratify the World Energy Day to be observed annually by all nations and peoples of the world at community, national, and international levels by holding educational, scientific, and artistic programs everywhere, including media and at the campuses of schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world, stimulating energy discussions, inspiring imaginations to innovate, and discover new ways.

World Energy Forum will globally coordinate the World Energy Day observations. World Energy Forum’s Annual Conference will be held during the week and World Energy Awards will be bestowed upon individuals or organizations whose contributions are publicly recognized.

Original Signatory Countries

Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates
Flag_of_Tunisia.svg Republic of Tunisia
Flag_of_Spain.svg Kingdom of Spain
23px-Flag_of_Chile.svg Republic of Chile
Flag_of_Ethiopia.svg Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Flag_of_Belize.svg Belize
23px-Flag_of_Slovenia.svg Republic of Slovenia
Flag_of_Myanmar.svg Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Flag_of_Algeria.svg People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Flag_of_Maldives.svg Republic of Maldives
Flag_of_Mexico.svg United Mexican States
23px-Flag_of_North_Korea.svg Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Flag_of_Egypt.svg Arab Republic of Egypt
Flag_of_Cambodia.svg Kingdom of Cambodia
Flag_of_Guatemala.svg Republic of Guatemala
23px-Flag_of_Thailand.svg Kingdom of Thailand
Flag_of_Côte_d'Ivoire.svg Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
Flag_of_Seychelles.svg Republic of Seychelles
Flag_of_Saint_Kitts_and_Nevis.svg Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Flag_of_Haiti.svg Republic of Haiti
Flag_of_Cameroon.svg Republic of Cameroon
Flag_of_Turkey.svg Republic of Turkey
Flag_of_Burkina_Faso.svg Burkina Faso
Flag_of_Uzbekistan.svg Republic of Uzbekistan
23px-Flag_of_Laos.svg Lao People’s Democratic Republic
23px-Flag_of_Togo.svg Togolese Republic
Flag_of_Sri_Lanka.svg Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Flag_of_Swaziland.svg Kingdom of Swaziland
Flag_of_Gabon.svg Gabonese Republic
Flag_of_Qatar.svg State of Qatar
23px-Flag_of_Kuwait.svg State of Kuwait
Flag_of_Russia.svg Russian Federation
Flag_of_Rwanda.svg Republic of Rwanda
Flag_of_Malawi.svg Republic of Malawi
Flag_of_Madagascar.svg Republic of Madagascar
23px-Flag_of_Djibouti.svg Republic of Djibouti
Flag_of_Albania.svg Republic of Albania
Flag_of_Tajikistan.svg Republic of Tajikistan
Flag_of_Grenada.svg Grenada
Flag_of_Azerbaijan.svg Republic of Azerbaijan
Flag_of_Iraq.svg Republic of Iraq
Flag_of_Indonesia.svg Republic of Indonesia
Flag_of_Jordan.svg Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Flag_of_Lebanon.svg Lebanese Republic
Flag_of_Yemen.svg Republic of Yemen
Flag_of_Oman.svg Sultanate of Oman
23px-Flag_of_the_Republic_of_the_Congo.svg Republic of the Congo
Flag_of_Mauritius.svg Islamic Republic of Mauritania
23px-Flag_of_Saint_Vincent_and_the_Grenadines.svg Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
23px-Flag_of_India.svg Republic of India
23px-Flag_of_Liberia.svg Republic of Liberia
Flag_of_the_Comoros.svg Union of the Comoros
23px-Flag_of_Montenegro.svg Montenegro
Flag_of_Zimbabwe.svg Republic of Zimbabwe

Original Signatory Inter-Governmental Organizations

  • United Nations
  • United Nations Women
  • League of Arab States
  • African Union Commission