University Chapters


World Energy Forum University Chapters

World Energy Forum University Chapters are membership-based groups in university communities that give undergraduates as well as graduate students the opportunity to support World Energy Forum’s worldwide mission of providing safer, more accessible, and more sustainable energy to all nations and peoples.

In their universities or national communities, the University Chapters will:

  • Support national and international energy policy that can promote energy for all
  • Advocate scientific advancement to achieve safer, more accessible and more sustainable energy across the globe
  • Lead educational programs focused on public awareness for the efficient use of energy. This will focus on community-wide coordination of World Energy Day activities
  • Initiate projects to help energy-deprived populations
  • Coordinate humanitarian relief efforts for energy-related disasters
  • University Chapters will become part of World Energy Forum’s worldwide University Chapter Network, coordinate programs with World Energy Forum International Headquarters, and connect with other University Chapters for global initiatives.

In addition to public recognition by World Energy Forum, members will receive valuable leadership skills and international experience in making a difference in the world.

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