The Need


The Need For World Energy Forum

  • Fact: A quarter of the world population (1.5 billion) has no electricity; the world’s 3 billion people still cook and heat homes by burning biomass.
  • Fact: UN’s goal is set for 100% access to electricity and clean water by 2030
  • Fact: The world’s population growing faster than electricity gains
  • Fact: UN’s goal to prevent global temperatures from rising, demands energy efficiency
  • Fact: 2.5 billion people do not have adequate sanitation
  • Fact: 85% of the world’s population live in the driest half of the planet
  • Fact: 780 Million People do not have access to clean water
  • Fact: Each day, nearly 1,000 deaths could be prevented with clean water and sanitation
  • Fact: The demand for secure and eco-friendly energy services is on a steady rise!

The Solutions World Energy Forum Fills

  • World’s largest platform for Energy Leadership to stimulate problem-solving dialog
  • Gathering place for best minds in Science, Gov’t, Corporate World
  • Continuance beyond Annual Conferences in Creative Innovations year-round
  • Media and Publications to Promote Secure Energy Practices and  Educate Public
  • Demonstration Projects at city and national level to exhibit energy secure solutions
  • Gives Voice to groups otherwise without; Builds the Marketplace for new solutions
  • Connects Funding Sources for development of Energy Secure Projects
  • Network to support Navigating Worldwide Market and International  Regulations
  • Advisory services to secure Clean Water, Sanitation, and Food production