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Our Work

World Energy Forum is the World’s Premier Platform for Energy Leadership. World Energy Forum provides a transnational stage for world leaders and experts to facilitate sustainable and secure solutions to global energy issues. World Energy Forum represents the interests of business and governments of every size and region to promote strategic relationships and translate ideas into a global marketplace. Access to modern energy services and water are essential for economic and social development worldwide. World Energy Forum’s campaign of “energy for all” delivers the hopes and aspirations of all nations and peoples to lead in the areas of policy, technology, and finance to enhance the global economy and create a sustainable future.


Closing Session of World Energy Forum 2012 on October 24, the “Dubai Declaration of Energy for All” was adopted and read, which included the following statement by Dr. Oh, President of WEF:

“We declare our support for worldwide Smart Energy Movement (SEM) with the participation by all to build a new energy paradigm that can advance global economic and social development towards a New Energy Civilization of Accessible and Sustainable Resources for All.”

Smart Energy Movement (SEM) was adopted by 3000 delegates and 89 countries as the vehicle for achieving Energy for All throughout the world. The mission of the Smart Energy Movement is to put smart energy practices into action worldwide to achieve energy for all while saving the planet. The movement is committed to provide modern energy services to those that do not have access and to facilitate a global transition to sustainable energy and thereby facilitate a new global energy civilization.

World Energy Forum Smart Energy Movement includes:

  • Community Groups
  • Education
  • Advisory Services
  • Conferences
  • Projects
  • Publications